Un-Vented Hot Water Systems in Glasgow

Un-vented hot water installations are a speciality at Miller Plumbing. We understand that un-vented hot water systems are much more functional in a household and also take up much less space than a traditional vented system. Our team are competent in supplying and installing these un-vented systems and are fully trained in the benefits.

As the hot water comes directly from the mains water supply, the pressure and flow is much stronger. There is also no need for the cold water storage tank, which can be found in most lofts, or having to rely on pumps to maintain the strength of the flow, another great benefit, especially for households with more than one bathroom.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in installing and maintaining un-venter hot water systems. If you are looking to upgrade your water system, an un-vented hot water system could be perfect. If you have any questions regarding the benefits and prices of this system, please give us a call.

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Un-Vented Hot Water Systems in Glasgow
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